Conservative group funds local pro-DeLay ads

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram posted the following Associated Press story to its website yesterday:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
An anti-tax group said Tuesday it will run television ads likening the media and their reporting on Majority Leader Tom DeLay to sharks in a feeding frenzy.

The ads will run on select television stations nationally, including in Houston, close to DeLay's hometown in Texas, the group said.

The ads were purchased by Free Enterprise Fund, a nonprofit group that advocates for economic growth through lower taxes and limited government.

The Houston Chronicle, which published a story by reporter Matt Stiles about an anti-DeLay group's purchase of two billboard ads in Houston earlier this month, has not posted the AP story or a story of its own.

In my view, it's of questionable news importance that an individual interest group is advertising for or against a politician, but in the interest of balance, it would seem that advertising by interest groups supportive of a politician is as newsworthy as advertising by interest groups critical of that politician.

The Chronicle did post a story today by Samantha Levine about a Pew Center survey that illustrates Americans aren't that interested in the DeLay story to this point, despite the Democratic and media firestorm that lasted several weeks.

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