Coven-obsessed Chron editorialist misstates filibuster rule

The Chronicle's Coven-obsessed D.C. editorialist seems so determined to rant against conservatives that he's been turning out even weaker columns than usual of late.

Last weekend, he penned that editorial on Yalta that was light on fact and heavy on feelings.

Cragg Hines
Today, as Matt Bramanti points out, he managed to get the filibuster rule wrong:

So, we're about to have what could be some historic fireworks, when Frist seeks approval of President Bush's judicial nominations by a majority vote without getting the four-fifths vote required to end a filibuster.

That would be three-fifths, but why interrupt the ranting and name-calling with facts?

Surely this is not what James Howard Gibbons considers an editorial in an ideal state.

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