Liberal group funds local anti-DeLay ads

KTRK-13 picks up an Associated Press story about billboard advertising against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R) locally:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
"Lobbyists sent Tom DeLay golfing; all you got was this billboard," says a billboard overlooking a freeway that bends around downtown Houston, identical to one erected in Galveston County. They will remain up until the end of May

The ads were purchased by Democracy for America, a liberal group founded by Howard Dean. Whether the voters of Majority Leader DeLay's district will find such advertising from liberal outsiders compelling remains to be seen, but it will surely boost the group's profile and fundraising. Indeed, that may explain the placement of one advertisement near downtown Houston (not in DeLay's district).

We suspect the Chronicle won't object to this sort of issue advertising -- or, as we prefer to call it, political speech.

UPDATE (05-04-2005): Isolation Desolation posts a photo of the huge anti-DeLay rally under one billboard.

UPDATE 2 (05-04-2005): The Chronicle's Matt Stiles covers this story.

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