Is KTRK spinning news ratings?

Various sources have noted the KHOU-11 news team's recent ratings victories.

Recently, a reader asked the Chronicle's Ken Hoffman why KTRK-13 keeps saying it's still tops:

Q: About two weeks ago I read a piece in the Chronicle which said Channel 11 news had swept the No. 1 news slots in virtually all time periods for the first time in at least a decade This morning, while watching Channel 13's local news blurb during Good Morning, America , Channel 13 ran an ad proclaiming itself numero uno in ALL local news time slots. Is this a case of Enron-style accounting, are Channels 11 and 13 using different sets of statistics, or did someone forget to tell Channel 13 they're no longer top dog in town? What gives?

Kurt V. Rich, Houston

A: What gives is called "spin." Every station is No. 1 in some sort of demographic or time slot. For example, Channel 39 News, which has a struggling rating, can still say "We're the fastest growing news in Houston!"

If indeed KTRK is still claiming it's tops in every news slot, that would seem to be some kind of spin.

UPDATE (03-22-2005): Laurence Simon chimes in with "Houston's News Liar."

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