Parker hides behind METRO board on Greanias adolescent gay porn issue

Parker defers to Metro board on Greanias - Chris Moran, Chron Houston Politics

At Wednesday’s post-Council meeting news conference, Mayor Annise Parker again did not directly address whether she had confidence in George Greanias as president and CEO of the Metropolitan Transit Authority in the wake of his suspension for visiting porn sites on the Web at work.

“I think I have great board members over there at Metro. I trust their judgment, and I believe they’re doing a great job of transforming that agency into the new Metro, and I continue to support their work,” Parker said.

We'll take her refusal to comment on Greanias' apparent habit of visiting adolescent gay porn sites as tacit approval of the behavior.

Metro CEO's behavior is well over acceptable line - Bill King, Houston Chronicle

Metro has attempted to downplay the content on the sites Greanias visited, and with good reason. I have not visited the sites listed in the Metro press release, nor do I intend to do so. But the names of the sites are troubling in the extreme.

The names of four of the sites indicated they may have featured images of minors. Metro has said that none of the sites include underage images, but admit that they relied on a disclaimer on the websites to that effect. Accepting the word of a porn site about the age of its actors is hardly what one would call an exhaustive investigation.

But splitting hairs over whether the subjects were over 18 does little to ameliorate the fact that Greanias was looking at these sites in the first place.


It is extremely troubling that a public official was caught repeatedly surfing sites that appear to feature child porn, whatever disclaimers the sites may contain.

If Gilbert Garcia and Annise Parker do not find these images (and their close associate's apparent interest in them) troubling, then that also raises real questions about their judgment.

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