Dumbed down and trashed up (cont'd)

It's almost become passť to mock the confused jumble of user party photos, journalist and reader blog content, tacky ads, and (oh yeah!) links to news stories that occupy the front page of the website of the area's newspaper of record.

Sometimes, though, content like this merits a shout-out (click here for an enlarged view): front - 05/27/09

In case the image isn't clear enough for you, the text that accompanies that featured bit of news is as follows:

Pics of screaming babies: hilarious!

Photos of other people's kids throwing fits will make you feel better about your own little devils. Take a look at some of the best temper tantrums caught on film. It's OK to laugh.

It's a good thing that the web team scrubbed the site of all references to this little blog a while back, so the Chronsters could narrowly focus on the community's more *ahem* legitimate news and commentary.

UPDATE: has posted an amusing, somewhat related AP news story (", other newspapers consider charging fees for Web sites").

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