Radio Mojo "stars" as unoriginal and crude as ever

Walton and Johnson, the uninspiring duo who were inexplicably given hours upon hours of airtime to fill on a once-important Houston radio station after Michael "Babe Pages" Berry managed to depose most everyone who knew much about radio programming, have (inadvertently) produced some attention-grabbing entertainment over the last couple of days.

As noted by Laurence Simon earlier, the duo apparently lifted some material verbatim from the Say Anything blog.

Walton and Johnson, MojoPlagiarists!
When confronted with the charge of plagiarism via email, they apparently then directed profanities towards their interlocutors -- because, you know, they're big radio "stars" and can steal the work of other people without attribution (and, being really clever sorts, can drop profanities when called on it!).

Except that now, the Walton and Johnson blog entry containing the plagiarism has simply been... rewritten, with the offending material removed (but there's still my furled copy -- nothing ever truly goes away on the internet), and no explanation given. Nicely played!

How unfortunate that a once-important Houston radio station is now the flagship for profane plagiarists and babe pages.


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