The state of the editorial page is not good (cont'd)

The Chronicle Editorial LiveJournalists lead today's effort as follows:

A commission appointed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry to reform the property appraisal system has come out with a raft of proposals that provide little in the way of reform.

The Editorial LiveJournalists then devote the rest of their editorial to complaining about the reforms proposed by the Pauken Commission.

First Question: If there are no real reforms being proposed, then why do the Editorial LiveJournalists spend so much time complaining about the non-reforms?

First Answer: Apparently, they confuse reforms they don't like with lack of reform.

Second Question: Do any Hearst grownups actually read these editorials for factual accuracy and logical consistency before they go out for public consumption?

Second Answer: It sure doesn't seem like it much of the time.

The public would certainly benefit from an intelligent conversation about the issue of Texas property taxes and the problem of appraisal creep, and there are certainly intelligent competing perspectives on the issue -- not that one would know it from reading the editorial page of Houston's Hearst daily.

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