METRO Communications Web Log Specialist rakes in the cash

HouStoned's Keith Plocek inquired with METRO about blogger Communications Web Log Specialist Mary Sit's salary and job description, and was told he needed to file a public information request for that info.

He did, and discovered that the proprietor of METRO's Sit and Spin blog rakes in $76,622 per year!

He has posted a PDF with the salary and job description here.

It appears that METRO employees enjoy 8 paid holidays and 3 "employee days" per year. It's not clear how much vacation time the Communications Web Log Specialist receives, but we'll go conservative and assume 10 days. Since the Sit and Spin blog has averaged one post per business day so far, we'll assume that at the end of the year, the Communications Web Log Specialist will have crafted roughly 239 posts. That means the transit organization is paying the weblog communications specialist approximately $320 per post.

That's a pretty good rate (especially since many of the posts read like recycled press releases)!

BLOGVERSATION: TBIFOC, Houstonist, Deskmerc.

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