HISD's summer meal program (how will the LiveJournalists react?)

HISD is publicizing its summer meal program:

Houston-area children ages 1-18 can enjoy free healthy meals starting June 1 at one of the more than 200 HISD schools participating in the HISD Summer Feeding Program.

The program will last from Thursday, June 1, through Wednesday, June 28, and to be eligible, children need not be enrolled in HISD summer-school classes nor do they need to show proof of income or age.

Breakfasts will be served from 7:308:30 a.m., and lunches will be served from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Adults may also participate in the program by purchasing breakfast for $1.60 and lunch for $2.85.

Now. Last year we saw the Chron's editorial board throw at least three temper tantrums because HISD doesn't offer its summer meal program from the day after school ends until the day before school starts up again. The Chron never wonders why parents cannot feed their own children breakfast and lunch. No, the editorial board chastises HISD for not taking over parenting duties.

So we'll see how the Chron editors react this year. HISD's press release does point out that the city of Houston's Parks and Recreation Department will offer its free meal program until August 4. School should begin again about a week after that, so perhaps parents could feed their own kids for a whole week. (Or maybe the Chronicle could open up the doors to 801 Texas Avenue and hold a daily buffet for that last week.)

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