When does parental responsibility enter the picture?

Here are some questions for the editorial idealists at the Chronicle:

1. Why is it a school district's responsibility to feed children all summer?

2. If parents aren't feeding their kids, why isn't the Chronicle calling for CPS to get involved?

3. If a 12-year old child can't make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and get an apple out of the fridge, whose fault is that? (At SuperWalmart, a loaf of bread costs $.60, a jar of jam costs $1.50, a jar of peanut butter costs about $1.50 and a bag of apples costs about $1.00. There's lunch for more than a week.)

4. Why doesn't the Chronicle spearhead a new program to provide lunches to children during the summer months? The Chronicle is a United Way supporter; maybe it's time for the LONE daily newspaper in this city to put its money where its big mouth is and help out.

UPDATE: Laurence Simon's thoughts.

Posted by Anne Linehan @ 07/24/05 09:18 AM | Print |

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