Hoffman explains Houston and Dallas

The Chronicle's Ken Hoffman illustrates again today why he ought to be on the metro/state pages:

HERE'S how I answered the question, "Why does Houston have its act together, and big things are happening here ... while nothing seems to get done in Dallas?" on a Dallas TV station this week.

I said, "I think you judge a city by the vision and leadership of its mayor. And it's fair to measure a mayor by his or her background and experiences.

"For example, Houston Mayor Bill White was a successful businessman and held key government positions.

"Dallas Mayor Laura Miller was a newspaper columnist. That would be like electing me as mayor. I locked my keys inside my car at the car wash a few weeks ago. You think I can build highways?

"You're complaining that nothing gets done in Dallas? Consider yourself lucky."

Boot that gossip columnist off the metro/state pages and give Hoffman the more prominent location!

And don't vote for either one in a mayoral election.

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