What's good for the goose... (Updated)

The Chronicle's Samantha Levine reports some interesting news on those liberal advocacy groups who bought anti-DeLay television ads in the Houston area recently. As it turns out, they'd rather not disclose their sources of funding:

The two liberal groups behind the TV ads that criticized some of Rep. Tom DeLay's political funding connections paid for the commercials in a way that avoids mandatory disclosure of their donors.

The groups, whose ads ran on Houston-area stations that reach DeLay's suburban district, also refused to voluntarily disclose the names to the Houston Chronicle.

The Public Campaign Action Fund and the Campaign for America's Future said they used the nonprofit arms of their organizations to buy about $80,000 worth of broadcast time. Such organizations, unlike national political action committees and other campaign groups, do not have to list their contributors for the federal government.

That's one of the more useful reports to come out of the Chronicle's D.C. bureau in ages.

A while back, the Chronicle editorial board, the Chronicle's Metro/State editorialist/gossip columnist, and the Houston Press's best blogger criticized a local advocacy group that attempted to shield the identity of donors.

I wonder what they'll have to say about this lack of transparency and disclosure.

UPDATE: (01-28-2006): Charles Kuffner comments here.

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