What's Jon Lindsay up to now?

Houston Architecture Info Forum has posted a bill that state Sen. Jon Lindsay (I'm suspicious already) has filed "relating to the planning, construction, and operation of toll road projects by certain counties."

Since Sen. Lindsay is doing his darndest to get the Grand Parkway segment built through Spring, I am concerned that his proposed amendments are to facilitate that construction through the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

It looks like some of the HAIF folks are trying to decipher the intent of Lindsay's bill. If any of our readers have legislative-speak deciphering abilities, I would appreciate your thoughts on what Lindsay is trying to do.

Thanks goes to the blogHOUSTON reader who alerted me to the thread at HAIF, and for also pointing out that the Trans-Texas Corridor Committee has been selected. If you scroll down to the thirteenth entry in the thread, you'll see the names of people selected to the committee.

UPDATE: In the forum, Bill F has translated the bill and it's not good.

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