Covering Galveston's Social Security program

It's curious to us media watchers that the Chronicle expends so much energy chasing down "news" about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R) knowing some people, when there is some real news in its own backyard that it continues to ignore: Galveston's model for how privatized Social Security can work.

I checked the Chronicle's archives (which is often an exercise in frustration) and the most current reference I found was a letter to the editor from last July that mentioned Galveston's Social Security example. Since the Chronicle's search feature is sometimes temperamental, I also searched Google news for any recent stories. There have been stories on Social Security in the Chronicle, but not relating to Galveston. (If the Chronicle HAS run a story run on this that I haven't found, please let me know.)

With that in mind, here are other media outlets who have helpfully picked up the slack:

On Texas' Coast, a Laboratory for Private Accounts (New York Times)

'Galveston plan' seen as model for private retirement accounts (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Pensions and penury: the Galveston experiment prepares to go national (The Guardian)

And Matt Bramanti at Lone Star Times posted on USA Today's story, A model for Social Security reform: A case study already exists in Galveston County, Texas and might offer some lessons for lawmakers in Washington.

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