Houston Fire Department helps Occupy Houston squatters steal electric safely

Houston Fire Department and Protestors Find Resolution to Safety Hazards - HFD Public Affairs Office

Today, the HFD Fire Marshal and organizers of the “Occupy Houston” protest group met to find a resolution to safety hazard concerns in Tranquility Park along Bagby Street.

Inspectors found electrical cords under water, overload of electrical outlets, and covers taken off night lights in the park exposing live wires.

Inspectors and organizers worked together to insure all safety hazards were addressed and no code violations exist. A compromise was reached to allow the organizers to use six plugs for appliances, however, extension cords would no longer be used. These resolutions are in compliance with the fire code.

So here is a followup question to yesterday's question: Why has the Parker Administration just now discovered that the free electricity it's providing combined with water and the Occupy Houston squatters is a potentially dangerous mix? Perhaps readers have some additional questions.

Right now, Mayor 50.2% is very busy on a junket in Israel (driving around electric cars!), so the answers will just have to wait we suppose.

PREVIOUSLY: KHOU: Parker Administration provides free electric to Occupy Houston squatters

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