HPOU exec had thousands of reasons to praise red-light cameras

Police union director also a red-light camera lobbyist - Chris Moran, Chron Houston Politics

Mark Clark, executive director of the Houston Police Officers Union, served as a lobbyist for the cityís red-light camera contractor in Austin this year, according to Texas Ethics Commission records.

Clark received compensation ranging from $10,000 to $24,999 from American Traffic Solutions, according to the TEC.

Clark, who is also a Houston police officer, said he has not done any lobbying of city hall or the City Council. He has, however, given media interviews supporting the unionís position in favor of red-light cameras. He said he did not feel obligated to disclose his connection to ATS....

Controversy over police officer who was vocal red light camera supporter - Ted Oberg, KTRK-13 News

While Clark did disclose his deal to the state, the city and the union, he never said anything publicly. So when he told Eyewitness News viewers last weekend, "We're glad the cameras are back on. They never should have been turned off to start with;" neither you nor us had any idea he had worked for the company at the same time he worked for the union and the city.

"I gave viewers what they needed to know...."

So, ATS paid this guy handsomely for lobbying, and he just happened also to put out credentialed spin in their favor (without any sort of disclosure to local media). They've paid Judge Hittner's kid handsomely. One can't help but wonder just how many more interesting financial connections there are (because that's the Houston Way).

Of course, it's all about $afety, and always has been. *wink*

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