KTRH morning news changes starting Tuesday

Hughes, Pritchard are out at news station KTRH - David Barron, Houston Chronicle

Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard, the longtime hosts of KTRH’s (740 AM) morning newscast, will be replaced Tuesday....

Hughes and Pritchard, who have worked together at the station for 27 years and are members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, were informed of the changes after their morning shifts. Thursday was their last day on the air, and Houston‘s Morning News with Matt Patrick will debut Tuesday at 5 a.m.

Pritchard, 63, said his departure from KTRH and the change in the morning newscast reflects the changing nature of radio.

“Lana and I both understood this was going to take place at some point,” he said. “It’s a trend. It’s not personal. It’s the way radio goes. Clear Channel has been very good to both of us. It’s the market forces, the way of the world.”

Unfortunately, Houston seems to be a declining market when it comes to hardcore news, reflected by shrinkage in many news organizations. We wondered how much longer any sort of hard news program would survive on KTRH. Clear Channel is in business to make money, after all. That's not to minimize the loss of another hardcore news program. Newsies like us apparently just aren't enough of a target audience for a blowtorch AM radio station in Houston these days. It is what it is.

KTRH All But Says Goodbye to News, Welcomes More Right-Wing Blather - Richard Connelly, Village Voice Houston

The constant complaints from this guy about Houston's changing radio scene is more than a little ironic (and amusing), given his own publication's evolution from alternative must-read print publication written by professional journalists to... an online "media" outfit that generates pageviews by flooding the zone with mostly amateurish content and a print *ahem* targeted ad delivery product. Like Clear Channel, Village Voice is in business to make money too, we suppose.

Too bad for newsies.

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