Perhaps it means that he criticized METRO once....

Although the Examiner News has done some excellent work covering METRO, this recent characterization of METRO board member Christof Spieler struck us as strange:

Spieler, the board member (and former CTC member), told the group how he — a onetime outspoken critic of Metro on his CTC blog — was able to cross the fence to the other side (Ken Fountain, Leaders try to sell ‘new Metro’ to transportation advocates, Examiner News)

That sounds great (messaging!), and while Spieler and CTC were occasionally critical of a METRO policy or proposal here and there, they also worked quite closely with METRO at times (for example, trying to help METRO gin up support for Richmond rail some years ago, as this old email from a public information request makes quite clear; there are others from Robin Holzer).

This notion that Spieler/Holzer/CTC were ever consistent outspoken critics of METRO is erroneous. Mayor Parker knew what she was getting in appointing Spieler to the METRO Board, and it wasn't an outspoken critic. In fact, advising OLD METRO on how it could improve its PR/messaging was probably good practice to be part of NEW METRO. Some agency priorities seem rather... timeless!

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