Shall we believe the synopsis or the headline?

Sometimes, it seems as if the Chronicle's left hand doesn't work very well with the right hand.

Today's story on Rick Perry's transportation plan provides an example.

The headline on today's online metro/state page: Bumpy road ahead for Perry's transportation plan

The synopsis just below the headline on that page:

The Trans-Texas Corridor, Gov. Rick Perry's grandiose vision of future transportation, is expected to take the fast lane toward reality this month.

Bumpy road or fast lane? Who knows? Maybe the fast lane ends in a bumpy road. Or perhaps the bumpy road leads to the fast lane. Just for the sake of posterity, we've preserved the fun here, since things like this are sometimes stealthily corrected.

Regardless, whoever put up such a punny synopsis in the first place should have keyboard privileges taken away for at least a week.

More substantively, Charles Kuffner isn't pleased with the article.

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