Texas Watchdog adds Steve McVicker, Rosanna Ruiz to the fold

On the Texas Watchdog site, Trent Seibert announces the addition of two new reporters to the organization: Steve McVicker and Rosanna Ruiz.

Readers here should be familiar with both. Ruiz most recently provided the Chronicle its most critical coverage of METRO in years, before Jeff Cohen apparently decided to de-emphasize the transit beat (and laid her off). McVicker has worked in a number of local newsrooms, providing notable coverage of HPD's crime lab fiasco for the Chronicle (before getting laid off) and, more recently seeing his book made into a bigtime movie starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor.

These are significant additions for Texas Watchdog, and their five journalists may well make up the second biggest metro desk in the city (especially since, as Rich Connelly and the Houston Press drone ad nauseam, KTRH-740 is *gasp* more about conservative talk than news these days, a possibly lamentable fact but something that stopped being news quite a while ago).

Congrats to Texas Watchdog and to Ruiz and McVicker on what should be an interesting partnership. We're looking forward to learning about more METRO deception and funny numbers, not to mention just how many thousand rape-test-kits are sitting in a (leaky?) closet somewhere still waiting to be analyzed several years after the Bromwich Report on the crime lab.

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