Chron: Borris Miles found not guilty; Defense attorney alleges conspiracy

The Chronicle's Brian Rogers reports that a jury has found former state Rep. Borris Miles not guilty of charges of deadly conduct stemming from alleged misconduct at a 2007 holiday party:

Jury foreman Forrest Peugnet said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict.

“There just wasn’t a smoking gun,” Peugnet said.

After the verdict, Miles said he was “glad the truth finally came out.”

“I went to the Toyota Center; I went to the St. Regis, but I didn’t have a gun at all,” Miles said.

He also said he would consider going back into politics if asked by his former constituents.

In closing arguments, Hardin said leading members of Houston’s African-American business community had orchestrated a campaign to unseat Miles and ruin his insurance business by lying about what happened.

“These people, who had an incredible motive to lie, did in fact, lie to you,” said Hardin. “What’s happening here is a disgrace.”

Prosecutors said that believing all of the witnesses conspired is ridiculous.

“Do you think all of these people want to come down here and talk about this?” Assistant District Attorney Jon Stephenson asked jurors.

“Of course not. It’s ridiculous.”

Voters apparently thought there was some merit to the story. Perhaps Miles should have Rusty Hardin run his next campaign! Hardin can be a persuasive fellow.

So the next question is: Did Miles' accusers conspire to smear an innocent man for personal and political reasons, and will the appropriate authorities pursue that possibility with as much energy as they pursued this case?

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