Good times with Lee P. Brown!

While recovering from last weekend's backpacking trip, we missed a gem that appeared on the Chronicle's (ethically challenged) editorial page from none other than Lee P. Brown, the former mayor/police chief responsible for so many of Houston's problems.

Lee Brown
Here are some fun snippets of prose from the bumbling Brown, who wants the next president to establish a national commission that will focus on root causes* of crime:

The cost to maintain the nation's police, judicial and corrections system costs American taxpayers some $204 billion annually.

Costs ... cost?

The temporary drop in the crime rate that has occurred in the past couple of years is not likely to become permanent.

Temporary declines are... temporary?

Deep stuff! Thank you, former Mayor Brown, for a fun flashback to Houston's recent past. And thank you, term limits, for putting an end to it before he could do further harm to the city.

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