That's what we need -- another revenue generating idea

As if $AFEclear and red light cameras aren't enough, KPRC-2 reports on yet another revenue-generating idea floating around City Hall:

The city is considering installing radar cameras on Houston city streets to catch speeding drivers.

Several manufacturers are trying to convince City Council to buy the high-tech law enforcement gadgets, which snap a picture of a car traveling faster than the designated speed. A ticket is then sent to the car's owner in the mail.

That is simply stunning. But it gets worse:

Some council members said before they consider photo radar, they want to make sure red light cameras at dangerous intersections are effective.

"I think we make daily choices. You know, I allow the ATM company to take a photo of me when I make a withdrawal, but at some point the photo radar seems to go too far in the privacy invasion," councilman Michael Berry told Local 2.

All right. This is ridiculous. The first reaction of several council members is to say "maybe"? The first reaction should be to say "no"! And knowing how city council has looked out for us during the $AFEclear debacle, and knowing what we know about red light cameras, this is not a good sign. Who in the world is looking out for Houston citizens? Because it doesn't appear to be Houston's elected officials.

Or is this how the city plans on solving its police manpower shortage?

UPDATE: In an interview with Chris Baker, councilman Michael Berry (whose committee would presumably shepherd enabling legislation) says there is no serious move afoot to implement this sort of program in Houston, and that he does not support such a move.

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