Mayor White: Council made me do it! Really!

After yesterday's Terminal C food contract passed by an 11-2 margin, Mayor White decided to play the victim:

"One thing I've learned from this experience is to go with my instinct," said White, who originally wanted the contract put out to bid. He said he later decided to negotiate an extension at the request of council members.

"From now we're going to put it out for RFP," White said. "And if some council member says it ought to be extended, we'll replay back this debate and be accused of not being transparent."

Right. Because as we all know, Houston has a weak-mayor form of government.

Let's not forget he used a variation of this we'll-do-better-next-time excuse after Council approved the sale of Bolsover to a private developer.

So ... since the Terminal C contract was last bid upon in 1990 and won't be up for bid again until 2016, that means a local government contract will not have been through the process that ensures taxpayers are getting the best value for their money for 26 years.

Imagine if the vendor's name was this.

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