If only the proletariat would rally around the visionary architect-councilmember...

In her weekly politics column, the Chronicle's Kristen Mack profiles Councilmember Peter Brown, who desperately wants to be Houston's next boss, er, mayor. Here are some interesting excerpts:

Brown suffers from rich guy syndrome he's the only council member who has original artwork from Monet and Picasso hanging in the hallways of his home which causes him to be idealistic and creates blind spots in his thinking.

Architect-Councilmember Peter Brown

Government's job, Brown says, is to create a middle class and increase the creation of wealth. That requires a vision, which leads to a plan, policy, standards and then continuity.


Brown is in the process of considering whether he can be a visionary mayor for the city of Houston. He's already adopted a potential platform: creating a global, green and good city. By that he means creating a "quality of place to attract people here," more parks and open space and addressing social issues head on.

Brown says he is being drafted to run for mayor in 2009. A group of friends, led by lawyer Jim Robertson, have formed an exploratory committee encouraging him to run.

Ah yes, the old reliable "Draft X" movement formed by "friends." For the good of the city (Peter Brown), county (Charles Bacarisse), state (Rick Noriega), or country (Fred Thompson/Al Gore). Completely spontaneously, of course! *wink*

Quite a few people likely share Councilmember Brown's concern for quality-of-life issues. However, one suspects that most Houstonians don't share Councilmember Brown's views on using the heavy hand of government to force folks to abide by the whims/wisdom of elitist planners like the Architect-Councilmember, who sometimes seems as out of touch with everyday middle-class life as Stanley Fish! For that reason, it seems unlikely we'll be calling him Architect-Mayor Brown in a few years, however much money he decides to spend on the race.

Matt Stiles has posted the Peter Brown Manifesto to the NewsWatch: City Hall blog. It is an entertaining read.

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