A little revisionist history, courtesy of Metro's Frank Wilson

Here's Frank "Procurement Disaster" Wilson yesterday, explaining why he delayed putting bike racks on Metro buses (via the Chronicle):

He said he had postponed installing the racks until maintenance crews could bring the aging bus fleet into better operating condition.

Er, that does sound better than Wilson's reasoning last August:

"We look at this like we look at any other expenditure of funds, an investment in service," Wilson said. "We've heard all the arguments, we've done all the research, and to summarize as best I can, we're going to spend a significant amount of money to carry very little ridership in our estimation."


What's even more amusing is seeing Rad Sallee's bullet-point facts in the margin:

Cost : $1,580 per device, almost $1.3 million for the fleet of 800 buses.

Money source : 90 percent from federal air quality funds; 10 percent from Metro funds.

Metro will pay a whopping ten percent??? That's just pocket change for Metro these days! What was Wilson griping about last year? Because we know the fed money was available then, as BikeHouston's Woody Speer (also a commenter in our forum) pointed out to Metro's Board.

At least bike riders can now say Metro followed through on a Solutions promise.

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