Surely he doesn't want to be crushed like a bug...

Blogger Tory Gattis attended a lunch put on by the Blueprint Houston utopians and reports this bit of entertaining bluster:

Architect-Councilmember Peter Brown
I'd characterize it as a regroup-and-rally for the pro-planning forces after the disappointment last year. To summarize, last summer Councilmember Peter Brown got the City Council to approve a measure directing the Planning Commission to come up with a "plan to plan" - a timeline and budget to create a comprehensive general plan for Houston. They came back at the end of December, and instead decided to focus on the top priorities of mobility and drainage, to much disappointment by the pro-planning forces. My understanding is that the mayor influenced the Planning Commission in this more targeted direction, but I have no specific inside knowledge.

Peter Brown attended and was pretty feisty and fired-up. He guaranteed comprehensive urban planning in Houston before the end of his tenure, and noted that he just needs to corral eight votes on the council, with or without the support of the mayor. Pretty bold and gutsy statement.

Mr. Brown was obviously among fellow utopian planner types, and if he truly said that (and I have no reason to doubt the Gattis account), it was probably partly as a result of the euphoria of being among so many true believers. But surely the architect-councilmember understands that with this powerful and politically astute mayor, he's not going to move anything "without the support" of Mr. White.

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