Frank "Procurement Disaster" Wilson responds to Carroll Robinson

A few weeks ago, KRIV-26 reporter Isiah Carey posted a letter from Carroll Robinson to METRO. The letter was vague. While Robinson clearly seemed to be suggesting METRO was not behaving as it should be, the letter was lacking in specifics.

Today, Isiah Carey posts a response from METRO CEO Frank "Procurement Disaster" Wilson to Robinson.

Here are some choice excerpts:

We operate the METRO organization in a completely transparent manner.

The property impacts that may arise from our work on any of the METRO solutions corridors are clearly delineated in our environmental documents which are available for all to see.

Completely transparent manner? Right!

As far as "property impacts" -- we've already seen an example in the last week of Northside residents examining environmental documents closely and complaining, and then METRO PR representatives rushing out to assure the media that the impact won't be nearly as bad as the documents suggest. So, it's certainly understandable when people are suspicious of the conflicting messages that sometimes come from METRO.

That being said -- if Robinson has specific concerns about METRO's activities in the Third Ward (presumably as related to Robinson's role at TSU), then it would be helpful if he would share those concerns.

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