Editorial LiveJournalists open mouth, insert foot

The Chronicle's Editorial LiveJournalists came out today strongly in favor of keeping the Houston's Gay Pride parade in Montrose:

Few events are as unique to a neighborhood as this city's best-known gay celebration, the Pride Houston Parade, is to Montrose. For nearly 30 years, that midtown neighborhood has not merely served as a place to stage the pride parade and its associated festivities; it has been the soul of Houston's gay community.

That is why the idea to relocate the event to the humdrum environs of downtown should be rejected.

Humdrum environs?

That certainly caught Cory Crow's eye:

Humdrum environs? Our "vibrant, and energetic" Downtown district?

The same district that has been "revitalized" by the DangerTrain, new bars, more bars, the Theatre District expansion, Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center, and more bars?


To quote Matt Bramanti: Heh.

We'll see that "heh" and raise!

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