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Chronicle reader representative James Campbell comments today on Chron editors who apparently decided to play marketers with the newspaper's front page:

The photo of model Alexandra Kelly that nearly covered Page One of last Sunday's early edition Chronicle was strikingly elegant and aptly symbolic of the story it announced about defying age.

The problem was, Kelly was nude, her privates covered only by the positioning of her arms and legs and an artistic back shadow. The stylishly tasteful photo was more befitting the cover of an upscale women's magazine than Page One of the Chronicle, some readers protested.

Eh, we think it's brilliant marketing actually.

When your content is of questionable value, go for more graphics!

In fact, we'd suggest replacing at least half of the content on the editorial page with "stylishly tasteful" skin shots. That should attract some readers. And it would be at least as interesting as James Howard Gibbons' personal diaries or Andrea Georgsson's leftover adventures!

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