Get your name on a downtown park poopie station!

KHOU-11 reports that Mayor White is asking for help raising money for the new downtown park and giving it a name:

on the open land in front of the GRB, civic leaders picture a dozen acres developed into a unique urban park. A place with everything from restaurants to water fountains, underground parking and special programs designed to draw visitors, day and night.

“We really want this to be a place that captures the spirit of the city and is a place that kind of reveals the city to visitors and to Houstonians, a place we can all really be proud of,” said park director, Guy Hagsette.

Sort of like New York city’s Bryant Park.

But a park like this costs a lot of money.

So, Houston’s Downtown Park Conservancy plans to raise funds by naming attractions after donors.

“Everything in the park is for sale,” said Nancy G. Kinder with the Conservancy. “The fountain, the promenade, the dog runs, even the dog benches and the poopie stations. So we have something for everyone at all different levels.”

But one name that’s not for sale here is the name of the park itself.

“We want the people of Houston to participate in the naming of this park. So beginning today, for the next several weeks, we’re going to invite Houstonians to give us their names for the downtown park,” said Mayor White.

Oh heavens. What an opportunity! How expensive do you think it would be to "buy" a poopie station? And who could we name it after? This could be fun!

As for the name of the park, I nominate Kevin Whited's suggestion. =)

KEVIN WHITED ADDS: Further to Anne's bolded excerpt above -- can we expect the Chronicle's lefty Sunday editorialist and six-days-per-week objective Austin bureau chief to condemn the plans of Mayor White (a Democrat) to commercialize this park, since Clay Robison recently blasted state government (largely in Republican control) for daring to consider such ideas?

BLOGVERSATION: TBIFOC, Isolated Desolation, Lone Star Times.

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