Houston has a surplus and Mayor White doesn't want to share it

As noted in Ubu Roi's City Council agenda post, Mayor White is attempting to gut Prop. 2 (item #47). On KSEV-700 this afternoon Harris County Tax Collector/Assessor Paul Bettencourt said the same thing -- that Mayor White plans to gut Prop. 2. He said that if Mayor White gets to rewrite the proposition, 87% of all city revenues would not be subject to a revenue cap.

KSEV host Chris Begala also spoke with Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs who said she is voting against the measure (that is, voting against the mayor bringing this reworked proposition before the voters). She also mentioned that the city is sitting on a surplus of $34 million!

Bettencourt confirmed that the city has a large surplus to go along with its record-breaking tax collections, and yet, it appears Mayor White doesn't want to give back anything to the taxpayers.

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