Pat Gray blasts fellow talker's red-light chatter

On his unblog, KPRC-950 morning host Pat Gray is cracking on fellow KPRC talker Michael Berry for his assertions in favor of red-light cameras. I would link to it, but the Clear Channel non-blogs do not have permalinks. Here's an excerpt:

I've been fascinated by Michael Berry's stance on this. First, by ALL THAT IS HOLY, can we stop with the...'if you don't want these cameras, you must like it when people run red lights'?!?!?!?! That's sheer stupidity! He claimed on the air this morning that he's against "monitoring" cameras, but FOR red light cameras. So I guess this means that these cameras could never be used to monitor? I guess one of his points is that, he's in favor of them because people keep complaining and what else are we going to do? I haven't been complaining! I don't want people to run red lights, but I feel confident that police catch those they can. You want a solution? More HPD back out on the streets? Is there a better deterent to ANY crime than police presence? How about stiffer penalties? $1000 per violation. Mandatory imprisonment for injuring someone in the commission of the offense. But no, we can't take REAL, substantive action. We want something easy.

Adequate police staffing?

What a novel concept.

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