Sanchez goes to the Hispanic card

Orlando Sanchez didn't take long to go to the Hispanic card in his quest to become Harris County Treasurer (and to ensure the office's survival):

Sanchez said Tuesday that eliminating the post would kill the immediate prospect of a Hispanic for the first time holding a countywide elected administrative office. Some Hispanics previously have won countywide judicial races.

Since commissioners didn't consider abolishing the office after the March primary when Cato was nominated, Sanchez also said the attempt now may be personal.

"It is interesting that up to Mr. Cato's death, they were supporting Mr. Cato and obviously keeping the office. After Mr. Cato died, they adopted a resolution to abolish the office," said Sanchez.

"It makes you wonder, especially since I could become the first Hispanic and the first immigrant elected countywide." Sanchez's family moved from Cuba when he was a child.

Yes, Orlando, that's it. Those of us who want the office abolished are simply tools of The Man, who wants to keep down Hispanics! Never mind that you wouldn't be the first Hispanic elected countywide, as the first excerpted paragraph makes clear.

PREVIOUSLY: GOP picks Sanchez as candidate for Harris County Treasurer.

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