Sports Authority to get new boss

Mayor White and Judge Eckels had an opportunity recently to let the Sports Authority quietly vanish into the sunset when Oliver Luck left to head up the Houston Dynamo, but instead, Billy Burge is bringing in someone from San Antonio to take over:

A woman who serves as acting head of the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau is expected to be named chief executive of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority today.

Janis Schmees will be given the mandate to attract new events, including track and field competitions, to the city, said Billy Burge, chairman of the sports authority.

That's nice. Except that attracting events to the city isn't a part of the Sports Authority's mission statement...proving once again that government never goes away, even if the stated purpose of a governmental agency has long since expired. Government just keeps rolling along, sucking up taxpayer dollars...

UPDATE: I just saw the Chron's editorial on abolishing the Harris County treasurer's position:

In a time when public sentiment demands lower taxes and greater economy of public services, why should taxpayers provide $96,000 a year for an extraneous position to be used only to revive flagging political careers? Harris County commissioners and state lawmakers should give voters the opportunity to answer that question in the near future.

Who knew the LiveJournalists were so economy-minded with taxpayer dollars? Especially considering that they were not in favor of shutting down the Sports Authority to save $40 million (and an immediate savings of over $600,000 in salaries). Now why are the LJ's so hot to get the Harris County treasurer position shut down?

Sanchez has made it clear he would use the office for a political agenda having little or nothing to do with its job description.

It's all becoming clear.

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