Outstanding property tax radio

Dan Patrick (KSEV-700) has just finished debating someone, whose name I couldn't quite catch, on the Sharp Tax Plan.

Dan's position was that this really is a tax increase, albeit on some businesses; that without an appraisal cap, any property tax cut is meaningless and temporary due to property tax creep; that the state never discusses cutting spending; and that with a healthy surplus, the state of Texas should be returning the overpaid revenue to the taxpayers.


The gentleman he was debating (Tom something) argued that this is a shift in taxation to some businesses, and is not really raising taxes.

Dan said that the state will be raising the amount of taxes it collects by $4 billion per year through this new business tax, and through property tax creep, any reduction in property taxes will take two years to be wiped out. Ugh.

This is by far THE issue that will see Dan elected to the state Senate, and if he can stay focused and not get swallowed up by all the schmoozing and comity crap that seems to plague legislative bodies, he could shake things up in Austin.


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