Murray engages in nonpartisan party building!

Kristen Mack supplies the following news about University of Houston political science professor Richard Murray:

Richard Murray, University of Houston political science professor and noted authority on Houston and Texas politics, will hold the Bob Lanier Endowed Chair in Urban Public Policy at UH.

The $500,000 endowment, funded through donations from individuals and foundations, is named for the former Houston mayor.

Murray recently began assembling a team of academics and others to help create a more robust two-party system in the state by revitalizing the Democratic Party. He characterizes the effort as nonpartisan and says it won't affect his objectivity as an academician.

Professor Murray is an asset to his department, and certainly deserves this endowed chair.

However, the notion that Professor Murray's work at "revitalizing the Democratic Party" in Texas is "nonpartisan" is surely one of the more nonsensical things I've read lately in the Chronicle. If Professor Murray actually said it with a straight face, then it leads us to question his academic "objectivity." Maybe he was just pulling Mack's leg and she didn't catch on. Either way, it's silly.

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