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The Chronicle Editorial LiveJournalists are now backing away from an earlier, emotional editorial that criticized President Bush on the ports issue.

Here is an entertaining excerpt from today's editorial:

Mistaken reporting and some political leaders of the controversy mischaracterized aspects of the deal's nature. Contrary to some beliefs, for instance, DP World will not be "controlling," or "running," much less buying, any U.S. port. The firm certainly won't be in charge of port security, which is the shared responsibility of the Coast Guard, U.S. Customs, individual port authorities and private businesses.

Apparently, the Editorial LiveJournalists decided to take Anne Linehan's earlier advice and read their own newspaper's reporting on the issue!

As for that "mistaken reporting" on port security that the Editorial LiveJournalists criticize, it's worth reminding readers of the headline on the Chronicle's first editorial on this topic:

PORT SECURITY: Relying on Middle East country to keep our ports safe doesn't make sense

In other words, the Editorial LiveJournalists were part of that "mistaken reporting" that they now criticize!

The same Editorial LiveJournalists who also criticized newspapers that ran cartoons that served as a pretext for violent Muslim protests and lawlessness seem suddenly concerned about offending Arabs:

In any case, the United States must show the utmost respect for Dubai throughout the review process. The Arab world wants to see if our policies toward them are based on knee-jerk hatred as many assume. That assumption costs American lives. It's indeed a matter of security to use the upcoming six weeks well: by showing a review process marked by transparency and calm debate.

Translation: Don't come bomb us because of our original knee-jerk editorial! We're the reasonable, tolerant Editorial LiveJournalists!

It is increasingly difficult to take seriously anything written by the Editorial LiveJournalists.

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