"Elephant snot" graffiti remover

HPD is looking for the perfect graffiti remover:

The Houston Police Department is looking into new options for graffiti removal that don't include the traditional paint over.

One alternative uses something called elephant snot.

"I think they are going to look at us real funny," said HPD Officer John Eikman with the Neighborhood Abatement Program.

It may sound funny but officers tell us the thick, gooey, green substance -- which does not, by the way, come from elephants -- will help control the tagging problem.

Another way involves using concentrated chemicals which can erase the writing in a matter of seconds.

"Worked darn good and it's easily useable, spray bottle is great," said Eikman.

Over the next month, police will look at results from those two methods and one other to see which works the best.

UPDATE: Wow! That's quite an oversight: I forgot to link to KHOU-11's story. Thanks to Dwight Silverman for pointing out my lapse.

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