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MeMo thinks I need to muster up some outrage because a female firefighter had to take a promotion exam just hours after giving birth -- no exception was made for her condition.

Here's Anne's thinking on this: if a woman wants to do what has traditionally been a man's job, then the woman shouldn't expect special treatment.

Now, if MeMo wants to put her journalism skills to work and dig up past instances where male firefighters have been given an opportunity to postpone or make up the exam because of an emergency appendectomy, or some other such medical situation, then I'll be completely outraged and devote much valuable blogspace to the topic.

Otherwise, I'm having a hard time getting all worked up. Gloria Steinem I ain't.

TMI alert: I had a similar experience, timewise, when having my second child. No multi-day hospital stay for me! We're talking mere hours for labor, delivery and recovery. And I went home to take care of a newborn and a three-year old.

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