Did Rep. Vo have too much Moonbat Juice with the egg nog?

Laurence Simon calls attention to recent remarks and writings by state rep. Hubert Vo (D), as reported by the Houston Chronicle:

A Houston lawmaker is urging University of Texas officials to reconsider last week's decision to ban an Asian American-interest fraternity whose members were involved in hazing the night freshman member Phanta "Jack" Phoummarath drank himself to death.

State Rep. Hubert Vo
Rep. Hubert Vo wrote UT President Larry Faulkner last week that the university should consider alternative punishments such as probation, community service or alcohol abuse training for the members of Lambda Phi Epsilon, rather than canceling the registration of the entire group.

Group punishment, Vo said, is unfair and could send the wrong message to the Asian community by destroying an important social and support network for Asian students, many of whom are children of immigrants and first-generation college students.

Vo said Tuesday his concern has nothing to do with race and that he doesn't expect Asians to get special treatment at UT.

It's not about race, it's just about Asians. Sure, Rep. Vo. Way to be consistent.

Most universities have adopted strict policies against hazing by affiliated student organizations, especially hazing involving alcohol. A student organization that breaks those policies AND winds up with a dead student certainly isn't an organization that deserves to keep any affiliation with the university. And it's CERTAINLY not an organization that parents should entrust with providing "an important social and support network" for Asian or any other students.

I would suspect Vo was misquoted, except for the fact that the reporter apparently paraphrased from a letter he wrote. Thus, I have to agree with Laurence Simon that it simply appears our fine local state representative has been drinking the Moonbat Juice.

As an aside, it seems as if this story obsesses an awful lot over race in a newspaper whose reader representative says race really doesn't matter all that much. Whatever.

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