It's always fun when the Chron Editorial LiveJournalists go international

It's always entertaining when the Chronicle Editorial LiveJournalists offer their thoughts on international politics.

Today's subheadline was particularly fun:

What will Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon do if his new party wins power?

And for good measure, there are these "probing" questions from the Editorial LiveJournalists:

What is Sharon's real purpose? Is it to consolidate other settlements? Or is it to start productive, two-sided peace talks that would include the fate of Israel's settlements on the West Bank?

Talk about completely missing what is going on.

The correct answer is, Sharon is going to do exactly what he's been saying he will do.

Orrin Judd successfully predicted Sharon's gambit back in 2003.

The Telegraph spelled it out clearly yesterday:

Sixty years after the state of Israel was created, Ariel Sharon is effectively drawing its final borders, say his advisers, diplomats, friends and the cartographers.

They believe that Mr Sharon, who as a general played a leading role in the expansion of Israel's borders in successive wars since 1948, is now - as a politician - determined to set the country's hitherto elastic frontiers in stone.

What is more, judging by his track record and the way public opinion is shifting, there is a real chance that he may succeed.

The Editorial LiveJournalists really need to expand their reading if they are going to continue to write about international politics.

At least they didn't create a new treaty this time.

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