Councilmember solicits blogger input on panhandling

Councilmember Michael Berry, who reads this blog among others locally, has circulated an email to various bloggers asking for input on panhandling/soliciting on Houston roadways. He'll be sitting in for Chris Baker on KTRH-740 on Friday from 2-6 (that's not a misprint -- even though Baker's usual time is 3-7, Berry's show will be 2-6 on Friday), and plans on discussing how Council should deal with the issue.

In his email, Berry specifically asked for feedback on:

  1. ANY panhandling, soliciting at intersections ON THE MEDIAN
  2. same, in the roadway
  3. same, by minors
  4. commercial activity either on medians or in the roadway, whether it be by newspapers or flower salesmen

Unlike many traditional MSM reporters, good bloggers never pretend they're the final authority on some topic, and good bloggers also recognize that among their readership, there are always people who are more knowledgeable and/or insightful on any given topic. So, we're going to turn Councilmember Berry's request over to readers.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the forum, and we'll be sure to share the link to it with the Councilmember. If they're good, they might wind up on the blowtorch that is KTRH. And if not, Councilmember Berry might make fun of this little blog.... so be as smart as always, kind readers! :)

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