How did that make it onto the sports pages?

The Chronicle's David Barron did something that we didn't think was allowed on the newspaper's sports pages today: He criticized Houston Texans general manager Charley Casserly.

Sort of.

Barron didn't actually criticize Casserly himself -- we're not sure if that's allowed on the Chronicle sports pages -- but he did repeat criticism of Casserly seen on the television:

Fox Sports analyst Jimmy Johnson certainly raised some eyebrows with this sound bite: "A long time ago, before I got into the NFL, Marty Schottenheimer once told me not to worry about the team owner worry about the guy sitting next to him, whispering in his ear.

"So many times coaches are criticized when the blame should fall on personnel. (Texans general manager) Charley Casserly needs to be evaluated for some of the personnel decisions that were made when Dom Capers was there"

Raised eyebrows indeed! Because what would an NFL Super Bowl and college National Championship-winning coach know about these things?

Besides, we also learned from the Chronicle sports reporter Emily Davis today that the Texans' problems on offense are nearly solved after yesterday's 38-20 loss:

The Texans might not like the bed they've made. But they might be able to sleep a little easier now that things seem to be looking up on offense.

The Texans generated six net yards passing yesterday, and 139 yards total.

Apparently there's no reason for any Chronicle sportswriter to criticize Charley Casserly, since "things seem to be looking up on offense."

So if they get seven yards passing next week, will the Chronicle have Casserly in the running for GM of the Year?

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