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via KHOU-11:

After losing both games in Chicago, the Astros have decided those "lucky beards" may be bush league. They've decided to trim the bushy beards down to goatees to see if that brings better luck.

Veterans Jeff Bagwell and Brad Ausmus made the call, according to rookie Chris Burke.

"I found out by word of mouth, through the grapevine in the clubhouse," Burke said in his Astros.com blog. "I saw a couple of guys at the sink shaving it up. They informed me that Bagwell had made the executive decision to remove the beards and hopefully change our luck."

And then there's this:

The winds of change may also be blowing through Minute Maid Park for Games 3, 4, and 5. The Astros are considering keeping the roof open.

The weather is expected to be gorgeous Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the 70s and overnight lows dipping as low as the 40s.

The Astros kept the roof closed during the NLCS against the Cardinals because of the noise factor, but may be leaning the other way this time around.

"We've talked about it," general manager Tim Purpura told MLB.com. "The roof opening and closing has more to do with fan comfort than anything else. Maybe we ought to open it up and showcase our city.

Purpura said MLB's input will factor into the decision.

Many players said they prefer to play under a closed roof because the crowd noise helps with the homefield advantage.

Showcase the city vs. noise advantage. I know which way I'd lean, but I'm not a baseball expert.

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