Isolated reports of looting

Via Michelle Malkin, here's John Little, at Blogs of War, with a report of looting:

Well I just found out why the media was in my parking garage. Looters struck last night and trashed 12 cars. We usually have very tight security but the gates were left open by management due to fears of power outages. I need to go check my car now.

My car is fine but the mood in the area is tense. I ran across two neighbors carrying hunting rifles who were actively searching for a guy they suspected of breaking into more cars. They agreed to let me photograph them from the neck down. Hopefully, HPD will send one or more officers to our neighborhood. I think there is risk of additional looting or worse.

Update II:
Quite a few HPD cars in the area now. It's going to be an interesting night.

Update III:
I'm hearing more looter calls on the HPD scanner frequencies. This doesn't seem to approach the level that we saw in New Orleans but I'm worried about this evening.

Update IV 6:33pm CST:
Via the police scanner: Looting in progress at South Gessner and Belfort - A Wal-Mart Store.

Also, an HISD school was broken into last night and three juveniles were arrested for looting:

Houston school district police arrested three juveniles Thursday night who were accused of going room to room at Hamilton Middle School looking for electronics.

“They did this because they thought no one would be paying attention,” district spokesman Terry Abbott said. “We are amazed it was happening even before the storm.”

Thankfully, Texas isn't the District of Columbia.

UPDATE: KPRC-2 story on looting

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