Like clockwork (with updates!)

Guess what useless D.C. politician is posing for photos at the morning press conference of our can-do hurricane-management leaders Mayor White and Judge Eckels?

Yes, that would be Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

One wonders what took her so long, although perhaps she waited until the first day that national media was likely to pick up the press conferences of our local hurricane management team.

The contrast between our local can-do political leadership and the Queen making her usual mad dash for the camera couldn't be greater.

UPDATE: The Queen has returned for the 9:00 am press conference. As in the earlier press conference, the people who are actually doing useful work (the mayor and judge) didn't bother to introduce the grandstanding pol from D.C.

UPDATE 2: KTRK-13's Miya Shay just interviewed Jackson Lee. I wish the local media wouldn't encourage her. At this point, she needs to get OUT OF THE WAY of the Houston/Harris County team that's doing important work.

UPDATE 3 (Anne): KRIV-26 is interviewing her now (9:30 a.m.) and she is saying that she will be asking the state emergency director to get involved. She says she is assessing the situation and is consulting with FEMA to make sure the feds are involved. She is also checking on the status of shelters.

I wonder why Mayor White and Judge Eckels haven't thought of these things? Good to know SJL is on top of the situation. Houston/Harris County residents can breathe easier.

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