Chron links Katrina, Peak Oil, and mass transit

Unsurprisingly, the Chronicle editorialists have used the Katrina aftermath as an opportunity for a little Hubbert Peak scaremongering and mass transit cheerleading:

Perhaps the shock of Katrina's destruction, the demonstrated vulnerability of the nation's energy supply and the rapid doubling of gasoline prices will move many Americans to ride mass transit, live closer to work or drive smaller cars. History, however, suggests that the moment will pass, things will settle down, and we will be grotesquely unprepared for the moment when there simply is not enough oil to go around and only the wealthy can afford it.

This sort of writing -- not unlike a previous editorial that created a new treaty -- can result when people with no special expertise or knowledge nonetheless try to write authoritatively on specialized topics.

For another view on Peak Oil, see this recent Freakonomics blog post, as well as various work by Daniel Yergin and Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA). CERA also has reposted an article on the Katrina crisis by Yergin that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal. This sort of writing is typical of grownups who know their topic well (as distinguished from the Chronicle editorialists).

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