HISD steps up to provide schooling for hurricane refugee students

HISD has announced that it is ready to accept students who are stranded in Houston due to Hurricane Katrina:

HISD officials contacted the Texas Education Agency Tuesday about guidelines for temporarily accepting the storm refugees as students. Students living in temporary living arrangements due to loss of housing will most likely qualify as “homeless” students and may enroll in the school district where they are physically present without proof of residence. Parents temporarily housed within HISD’s borders can go to the school nearest their temporary residence to enroll their school-age children.

Homeless students who are 4 years old on September 1 qualify to attend pre-Kindergarten. In some HISD schools, pre-Kindergarten classes are also available for homeless students who are 3 years old on September 1.

Parents will be asked to complete a Student Residency Form to document where they are currently residing and verify that they qualify for “homeless” status under federal law. State and federal guidelines permit enrollment of these students for 30 days pending initiation of vaccinations or receipt of vaccination documentation and school records. HISD will seek further guidance from the Texas Education Agency for helping the children after the 30-day period.

Also, Dr. Saavedra announced a district-wide fundraising drive for the American Red Cross, and the establishment of a team of technical experts to assist New Orleans schools as they begin the process of disaster recovery.

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